Atomic Heart DLC Trapped in Limbo is Live

Press release

Astrum Entertainment announces the release of the second DLC for Atomic Heart — Trapped in Limbo — on VK Play. In the new DLC players will once again find themselves in the colorful world of Limbo, which was created by Artem Galeev, the art director of Mundfish, with bizarre enemies, new mechanics of crazy gameplay, and plot development to enjoy. Atomic Pass owners will receive the DLC for free.

Mind-blowing story of Trapped in Limbo

The rules of the game have changed. The new DLC continues the storyline of the main campaign, this time following a different ending than the one the first DLC, Annihilation Instinct, revolved around.

Players will explore new areas of the mysterious world with inverted logic, as well as face mind-blowing challenges complemented by the madness of the Limbo world. Finding themselves in the very center of a fast-paced battle extravaganza, they will encounter crazy enemies and get a unique weapon to deal with those. On their way to reveal the secrets of Limbo, find out the Major's past, and try to free his mind, players will be guided by the incarnation of one of the Twins, who used to be the beloved wife of P-3.

New mechanics will demonstrate the contrast of possibilities in the Atomic Heart world. During the action-packed adventure, players will also collect apples to unlock skills and weapons, as well as gold coins to earn up to 7 unique weapon skins that can be used in the main campaign.

Atomic Heart OST Vol.4 already on music platforms

The original soundtrack now includes the fourth album. Tracks full of rhythm and vibe from the latest DLC ensure full immersion in the amazing world of Limbo.

The Trapped in Limbo DLC is already available on the VK Play platform exclusively for PC players from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Atomic Heart is published in these countries by Astrum Entertainment.


Atomic Heart is an action-adventure first-person shooter with RPG elements. Atomic Heart is set in the 1950s, in an alternative Soviet Union that has reached an unparalleled level of scientific development and become the most technologically advanced country in the world. Then one day machines rise against humanity due to a massive system failure at Facility 3826. Taking on the role of special agent P-3, players will have to fight out-of-control robots and reveal the truth behind the rapid progress. Atomic Heart is available exclusively on VK Play for PC players from the CIS countries. The game is developed by the Mundfish studio.

Astrum Entertainment is one of the biggest Russian developers and publishers of PC and mobile games. The company's portfolio includes more than 20 games, including such hits as Atomic Heart, Warface, Perfect World, and Allods Online. Astrum Entertainment works with products of different genres: MMORPG, shooters, strategies, and others. The company's highly professional team keeps it at the forefront of Russian game development.

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